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Tiffany is an excellent clinician with expertise in all areas of patient care and management. She is also very innovative in her ability to streamline workflow in the office setting.
Christine Hoey/Nurse Practitioner
Dragon Medical has revolutionized my life in the office! I used to be in the office 2 or more hours at the end of the day doing charts – if it was a busy day. If I only see 10 patients a day, it is no big deal; but, when I see over 20 patients, it makes a huge difference.
Donald Garner Smith Jr, MD
EMR Consultants, did an excellent job providing training for new employees. The WEB EX method worked well with a recorded session that the employee could refer back to for several days to review their custom, one on one, training session. I will definitely use this company again.
Elizabeth N, Gyn & Fertility Specialists
As an expert documenter, Ray Mick, CNP was chosen to evaluate Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 as a solution for easy and quick documentation into Allscripts Pro EHR.

Ray’s documentation on a 3 month follow up patient appointment over the past 2 1/2 days is averaging 18 minutes per patient, WITH DMPE2. Keep in mind he has only used Dragon for 2 1/2 days! Three months ago, the 3 month follow up patient appointments on these same 4 patients averaged 22 minutes per patient.

That is a 4 minute difference. The use of Dragon has decreased documentation time by an average of 4 minutes on these types of visits alone in just 2 1/2 days. 4 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot but if you take 4 minutes and multiply it by the 4 patients surveyed you save 16 minutes which is an extra patient appointment!!!!!

Lynn Bolin - Director of EHR Implementation/Practice Mgr/Consultant
Tiffany has offered us support on an EHR we weren’t using to its full potential. We have had a tremendous amount of assistance from Tiffany on issues big and small. She has always made a timely effort to help us proceed in the right direction, and her advising has allowed us to learn more about our EHR and what it offers. It has truly been beneficial for our clinic staff to have been able to gain the knowledge from Tiffany’s expertise.
Miranda Thompson, Virginia Regional Medical Center
In July 2010 I had a phone conversation with EMR Consultants and one of our surgeons was an early adopter of voice recognition, and advocate for the solution. It has been a tremendous relief of many pain points in our EHR-MU journey. It is so cost effective and works perfectly with our Allscripts Pro EHR. The training via web was good but time spent with Tiffany accelerated the launch and optimization of our voice recognition product. We are happy to endorse EMR Consultants.
Cindy Leonard
Tiffany is a true professional. She is highly knowledgeable with very strong communication skills. Highly recommend her and her staff for any of your training and implementation needs!
Clint Crowe - Director of iNexx Service Providers at Medicity
Tiffany really saved me from having a total meltdown today. We were told we did not have any tech support for my Olympus transcription system. However I called the 1-888 # and he gave me the Atlanta number. Tiffany calmly talked me through the whole process and never gave up on me, which must have been hard. She was very proficient and it was such a great help.
Lynne Byrd
EMR Consultants has been very helpful in familiarizing me with the capabilities of Dragon applications. I had been using AllScripts and Dragon together for more than 3 years, and only when EMR Consultants training was added did I began to see successful function of our remote desktop system. EMR Consultants has been very kind to give me remedial help in learning how to use Dragon properly since it was very difficult to use with our EHR until recently.

Being able to record an accurate and detailed text has been important to me and Dragon has made that a possibility, but only with NoteSwift has it been possible to really begin to use it with AllScripts effectively.

Kris Kimple, MD, FAAFP
Tiffany and her team have provided our group with exceptional and timely assistance over the last few years. We were weeks away from our planned "go live" in 2010 when it because obvious we could not proceed with the trainers supplied by our EHR vendor. We found Tiffany and she rearranged her schedule so she could train our staff and physicians in time to meet our goals. She also took the extra time to customize our programs and templates so we could hit the ground running. The face-to-face training before, during and after clinic hours was invaluable to our staff, physicians and patients during our first few weeks on EHR. Her commitment to our success required her to work many nights and weekends so our days would be productive and she did so cheerfully and met her projected time commitments.

In addition to having EMR Consultants in our practice, they have trained our staff via WebEx sessions as well as recorded sessions that we can review over and over at our own pace. These training resources have been utilized by our new employees which has really stretched our training dollars. EMR Consultants have returned to our practice when we hired a new physician and when our existing staff, including the Administrator; have requested refresher training.

We have also appreciated the wide-range of skilled training and consultants available through EMR Consultants. We have only had to pick up the phone to get expert assistance with our third-party interfaces for labs and pathology. Regardless of which vendor we used for connectivity with our EHR there always seemed to be some part of the setup that was the responsibility of the practice to configure correctly. Having EMR Consultants on speed dial meant that I could get someone I trusted to log into our system, setup and configure to meet the vendor’s requirements AND interact with the third-party vendor on my behalf.

It is our pleasure to recommend Tiffany Casper and the EMR Consultant team for any medical group at any stage of EMR planning or execution. We have picked up many suggestions for time saving programs and hardware by just being customers. When you get a proactive call from your trainer that says "I was just thinking of your guys and wondering if you have seen the new gadget than many of our practices are using…" you know you are in good hands.

Keith Baldwin, Rome GI
Fortunately I had the experience to work with Tiffany Casper, who not only is an experienced provider but also a skilled and knowledgeable user of Allscripts Professional EHR. I was a new clinical analyst and was feeling quite a bit overwhelmed, but Tiffany has a calming way of speaking and easing the pressure off when working in a high stressed job. Amazingly to this day, when I have a moment of panic, I text her and somehow I feel much better knowing that I communicated with Tiffany. Her display of calmness and self-control when under pressure was a talent that I definitely appreciated. Tiffany’s ability with coaching, teaching, motivating and empowering benefitted our entire physician practice office. Her understanding of PRO EHR is vast and she is always willing to share!
Shirley Spirk, MS, BSN, NE-BC
Tiffany Casper’s work is very superior. Her knowledge of EMR/EHR’s, as well as Dragon, was critical to our customers and prospects and their success. She helped our customers by educating them on choices and options and can help them deploy what they choose.
Greg LaPointe - Vice President Sales & Customer Development
I have been using Allscripts with Dragon for the past 6 months.

Although Dragon is quite accurate and useful, I found the Allscriptsshortlists and menus difficult and time-consuming to navigate. I have now successfully been using Noteswift for the past month, and it has saved a lot of time and frustration. It is now much easier to search and identify diagnosis codes, medications, and send prescriptions. I can highly recommend Noteswift to anyone who uses Dragon and Allscripts.

Jon Peacock, MD FACC
Tiffany is a consummate professional with a depth of EHR knowledge that is unsurpassed in my experience. She teaches and educates as well as anyone and has a professional manner that makes her welcome in any office.
Jim Morrow, MD- CEO at Morrow Family Medicine, LLC
I had a great webinar with EMR Consultants, where I was in-serviced on the use of Dragon Medical for Mac. I’m still learning, but I am going strong. As I am the first provider in the practice to see how Dragon works, all eyes are on me. Other providers in my clinic may be using Dragon Medical soon.
Robert E. Harvey

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