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Middleware is the technology that enables the Zoeticx Patient-Clarity server to break through hospital silos that are not interoperable. It unifies hospitals’ disparate EHR software systems by activating the stored passive patient data and sending “smart” data to mobile platforms, unified by single screen connectivity. Patient records are then sent across the healthcare continuum enabling medical pros to accesses life-saving info where and when they need it.

This process also saves valuable hospital resources by eliminating the need for ‘rip and replace’. When coupled with other time and budget saving technologies such as voice dictation systems, medical facilities from hospitals to smaller medical offices can greatly benefit from tools such as Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, offered by EMR Consultants.

Zoeticx proudly recommends EMR Consultants as an organization that can assist medical facilities with the reporting to CMS for Meaningful Use, along with building and running the associated reports. They are experts on the Meaningful Use measure of risk analysis and assessment. They also customize electronic medical record systems for individual medical practices and offer training and support.

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