Managing Staff

When incorporating an electronic medical records system into a working office, a medical practice is faced with either taking on additional training/job responsibilities to an already stressed staff, adding to physician responsibilities, or hiring additional staff that would require training. This newly hired staff could also resign their position, resulting in the loss of needed skills.

EMR Consultants offers these customization and training services on an as needed basis, for the EMR deployment or staff training maintenance. We have multiple certified trainers for EHR’s and Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Tiffany Casper

Tiffany Casper, RNC, CNM, MSN
President, EMR Consultants

Tiffany Casper has been in the field of nursing since 1991. She began providing direct patient care in private practice in the metro Atlanta area as a mid-level provider in 2000. As a graduate from Emory University, Tiffany has 10+ years experience providing personalized care in Gynecologic, obstetrical, and primary care.

Tiffany also served as one of four key users in a ten-provider practice, was vital for initial and continued customization, and assisted the large medical site in maintaining Allscripts Beta site functions. Tiffany assisted numerous medical practices in the transition to an electronic medical record system while maintaining a provider role. She is a Certified Dragon trainer, as well as Certified as an Allscripts Pro EHR trainer. Tiffany is a trainer/customizer for NoteSwift, the navigational software for Allscripts Pro and Aprima.

She brings her knowledge of the medical field and computer skills together in order to benefit medical practices who are making the potentially time consuming change to electronic medical records.



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